About Us

YWAM Faith Harvest Helpers has been serving the Olympia-Lacey community and the global community for over 20 years.

Since becoming a part of YWAM, Faith Harvest Helpers now trains people under the Discipleship Training School and School of Biblical Studies, sending them out globally to share God’s love by meeting people’s needs both physically and spiritually.

YWAM Faith Harvest Helpers
12643 Case Road Southwest, Olympia WA 98512
We are located in Western Washington between Olympia and Vancouver WA.

Our Vision: In unity with our local volunteers and YWAM, we care for the unfortunate of the world and share blessings. Our vision is to utilize a variety of networks to share donated nutritious food, medical equipment, furniture, printed material and other beneficial goods to meet needs of all.

Our mission is to demonstrate God’s love by using every opportunity to build relationships and disciple people.